We are a Global Green and Renewable Energy Company converting solar energy into hot water and electric power.

We provide energy, equipment, or turn-key solutions to our diverse customers in hospitality, commercial, and industrial spaces.

Our committed partners of Abora manufacture our high-end proprietary patent-protected photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) panels at their facility in Zaragoza, Spain. We have established joint-venture manufacturing of supplemental product lines with our partners worldwide.

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    More Than 100 Installations In 25 Countries

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    Three Regional Operating Centers
    (Rotterdam, Cape Town & Tampa, Florida)

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Experienced Team, Proven Track Record

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Healthy Pipeline of Projects

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Fund for Energy-as-a- Service Available


Proprietary Technology and Manufacturing Capabilities

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US Patents for C-PVT Technology

Solarus Panel

Why our Hybrid PVT panels are better than regular Solar PV.

Solar PV panels are only able to convert 20% of the sun’s heat into electricity, resulting in 80% of the heat being lost. Solarus combines PV and thermal technology to absorb the majority of this heat loss, resulting in an 89% efficiency (20% from PV and 69% from thermal).

Comparison of savings between Solar PV & Solarus PVT


Save Money

The ROI for using solar and thermal technology is four times faster than using solar alone. Solarus can guarantee to zero your hot water bill while reducing your energy bill.

Consistent Electricity and Hot Water

This thermal system runs independently from the grid, ensuring you will always have hot water as well as electricity.

Easy Installation

When the Solarus team arrive for the installation, you are still able to operate with only one to two hours required for integration and approximately a one-week set-up.