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Solarus Tri-generation solutions: Solar cooling, electricity & hot water

Solarus tri-generation: Meeting Multiple Energy Demands by Maximizing Solar Energy Utilization with Hybrid PVT Panels and Hybrid Chillers Introduction The quest for sustainable energy solutions has led to the exploration of integrated systems that can…

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South Africa Energy Trends for 2024: What Your Business Needs to Know

The energy crisis, characterised by frequent disruptions and unpredictable load shedding, has a costly ripple effect across South African businesses. These issues threaten not just day-to-day operations but also the long-term viability of an organisation,…

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The Journey to Energy Resilience in South Africa’s Load-Shedding Crisis

In 2023, Eskom reported that its average year-on-year Energy Availability Factor had dropped to 53.77%, a 9% decrease compared to the same period in 2022. The energy powerhouse confirmed that load shedding in 2023 has…

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Solarus Transforms Buildings into Climate-Positive Assets

A global survey revealed that a significant 82% of travellers prioritise environmentally responsible hotel brands when making holiday accommodation choices. Echoing this sentiment, 41% stated that their decision to opt for sustainable accommodation was driven…

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How PVT Hybrid Solutions Bring the Heat and the Light to Your Business

In the heart of a hotel, guests expect hot showers – whether that’s during Stage 6 load shedding or not. Over at the gym, fitness enthusiasts wrap up routines with the intention of enjoying a…

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How Solarus Makes Solar Energy Financially Accessible For You

When searching for solar power solutions to alleviate the pressures of load shedding on your business, budget is likely top-of-mind. You don’t always have the luxury of making a substantial monetary investment upfront. Sometimes, the…

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