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    Case Studies

    Solarus provides you a one-stop hot water solution with a complete lifecycle set of services. Starting from initial consultations, design, installation, maintenance and ultimate upgrades and improvements.

    The following case-studies give an impression of the way in which we stand by our customers and contribute to achieving their corporate goals.

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      More Than 100 Installations In 25 Countries

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      Three Regional Operating Centers
      (Rotterdam, Cape Town & Tampa, Florida)


    Emmanuel Girls Hostel in Maseru, Lesotho

    Supplies hot water for showers for girl residents in the hostel. 100% renewable hot water solution.


    Windtown Hotel,

    20 panels supply hot water for showers for 28 guest rooms at the hotel.


    Babylon Hotel

    We supply an integrated system combining PV and PVT panels to supply sanitary hot water to 27 guest rooms and electricity to the whole of the hotel.


    Strand Hotel

    Hot water is used to heat the water for sanitary use (showers) for the 24 guest rooms and thereby reduces electricity consumption by existing electrical heaters.


    Thermen La Mer Spa

    Hot water is used to heat the pools at the spa. 38 degrees is required. Our solution helps in reducing high energy costs.


    Hyatt Regency hotel Cape Town

    Hyatt wanted to get the maximum return from every square meter of roofing surface.


    Syta truckwash

    A solution with 160 PVT panels produces sustainable hot water and electricity for SYTA TRUCKWASH, a truck wash facility in Zaragoza, Spain.


    Iberostar Hotel Tenerife

    The first Iberostar hotel with a 100% sustainable hot water solution - Tenerife, Spanje.

    Case Studies

    Who we help

    We provide energy, equipment or turn-key solutions to our diverse customers in the following sectors:

    Hospitality - Hotels, B&Bs and
    Timeshare Units

    Hospitals and Medical Facilities


    Breweries and Distilleries

    Food Production

    Commercial Solar Installers

    Flagship Installations

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