Load Shedding: Take Control with the Best Hot Water Solution for Businesses in South Africa

South Africa is grappling with load-shedding, which is wreaking havoc on businesses that can’t afford to pause operations for hours at a time. The urgent need for a reliable and sustainable energy solution is more urgent than ever. Lives and livelihoods are at stake. 

Fortunately, the South African government has taken steps to encourage businesses to transition to renewable energy by implementing appealing tax incentives and rebates. To sweeten the offer, a global green and renewable energy company has emerged to provide the best of both worlds: hot water and electricity. 

The company is Solarus. And its solution is life-changing for businesses. 

Why Now Is The Perfect Time For A New Hot Water Solution

The South African government, under the guidance of Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana, recently announced tax incentives and relief measures for companies. Their goal is to encourage businesses like yours to adopt renewable energy solutions. 

For private households, the rebate is understandably smaller. For businesses, the rebate is more significant. The government plans to provide an astonishing R5 billion in relief to companies that install solar power.

The Challenges Without A Hot Water Solution

Showers, kitchens, and laundry rooms are just three functions of a hotel, gym, or medical facility that rely on consistent hot water and electricity. Under Stage 6 load-shedding, and a looming Stage 8, the supply of hot water and electricity halts, and many important business functions are rendered useless. As you’ll know, the implications are costly. 

To give you a high-level overview of the dire situation: the Cape Chamber Business Environment Survey revealed that the Western Cape government estimates a staggering R500 million loss to the provincial economy per load shedding stage. 

In addition to the painful financial impact of load shedding, there are other challenges. Maybe you’re familiar with them:

  • Inconvenience for customers. Whoever is using your facilities is paying for the full use of those facilities. If you can’t guarantee an abundant hot water supply, it will negatively impact your customers’ comfort and satisfaction.
  • Hygiene issues. Hot water is crucial for maintaining proper hygiene, and without it, you’re forced to compromise on cleanliness and sanitation, opening up your business to the possibility of infections and disease.
  • Suspension of essential services. Hotels will struggle to offer amenities like hot showers, laundry services, and room heating or cooling without hot water and electricity. Medical facilities may face difficulties performing surgeries, using medical equipment, and maintaining a sterile environment. Gyms may be unable to operate showers, steam rooms, and exercise equipment.
  • Safety concerns. Electricity is essential for powering emergency lighting, fire alarms, and security systems. A lack of consistent electricity can compromise the safety and security of anyone on the premises.
  • Equipment malfunction. Without a stable power supply, electrical equipment in gyms and medical facilities may experience disruptions or even damage. This can quickly affect the functionality of exercise machines, medical devices, diagnostic equipment, and other essential tools.
  • High maintenance costs. Without adequate hot water and electricity, you could find that your equipment deteriorates faster due to an irregular power supply. Worse, you may need specialised maintenance to address these issues.
  • Negative reputation. The above challenges accumulate to damage your company’s reputation, which can put you out of business. Word-of-mouth, online reviews, and ratings can impact your reputation, leading to a decline in trust and revenue. 

The Solution That Gives You The Best Of Both Worlds: Hot Water and Electricity

Enter Solarus. The innovative company’s hybrid photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) panels are revolutionising how businesses tackle load-shedding by offering a dual solution: hot water and electricity.

These PVT panels present an unmatched opportunity for businesses to take full advantage of government tax incentives and reap the rewards of solar and thermal energy. Unlike traditional solar water heating or electricity systems, PVT panels excel in simultaneously generating electricity and hot water, and minimise the heat loss from traditional panels by an astounding 89%.

PVT Panels vs Traditional PV Panels 

PVT panels combine PV (photovoltaic) and thermal technology to capture a significantly higher percentage of the sun’s heat. While traditional solar PV panels offer energy savings, Solarus goes above and beyond by eliminating the need for a separate hot water system. With its unique design, the Solarus solution collects both electricity and heat energy from the same installation area. The solution quietly converts sunlight to energy for decades to come.

This unique hybrid system leads to a four times faster return on investment than solar panels alone.

How Solarus’ Hot Water Solution Can Transform Your Business

Do you need to guarantee uninterrupted hot water for your guests’ showers and baths? Hot water for effective cleaning and sterilisation that ensures the utmost hygiene? A reliable hot water supply and electricity to wash and provide clean uniforms, clothes, and towels? It’s all possible with this cutting-edge Solarus solution.  
While laundry gets done and guests enjoy the hot water amenities, you can sit back and relax, knowing that this solution is lowering your electricity bills and contributing to a greener future.

Solarus Revolutionises Energy Efficiency at a 5-Star Hotel 

In June 2019, Hyatt Regency Hotel, a renowned hospitality establishment, partnered with Solarus to address its energy consumption challenges. A year later, after installing four heat pumps and 66 PVT panels, the hotel was enjoying electricity and hot water simultaneously. 

Before the installation, Hyatt Regency Hotel’s energy consumption hovered around 35,000 kWh and peak energy consumption rested at 20,000 kWh in April 2019. However, with Solarus’ solution, the hotel witnessed a staggering reduction to 5,000 kWh in April 2020. 

This impressive 85% decrease in energy consumption can be felt from the laundry rooms to the luxury suites by stakeholders, staff, and guests. 

Today, Hyatt Regency Hotel enjoys the following: 

  • Resource and cost savings. 
  • Consistent hot water supply. 
  • Positive environmental impact. 

Solarus Transforms Iberostar Bouganville Playa Hotel into a Sustainable Oasis

In the picturesque coastal town of Costa Adeje, Tenerife, the Iberostar Bouganville Playa Hotel stands as a shining example of sustainability and innovation. Seeking to reduce its environmental footprint and enhance its commitment to renewable energy, the hotel turned to Solarus. 

The Iberostar Bouganville Playa Hotel opted for 102 PVT panels to power their operations and provided hot water and electricity for their guests. The hotel now avoids 86,544 kilograms of CO2 emissions annually. 

Guests of the Iberostar Bouganville Playa Hotel have also witnessed a positive impact. They can now enjoy a sustainable and eco-conscious vacation experience without compromising on comfort or luxury. The availability of hot water and electricity from a renewable source enhances the hotel’s eco-credentials while providing visitors with a delightful stay.

Why Choose Solarus’ Hot Water Solution?

Your business can expect substantial cost reductions in your hot water and electricity bills when choosing Solarus. Consider, too, that this hybrid system operates independently from the grid, guaranteeing continuous hot water and electricity supply even during load-shedding.

This independence gives you peace of mind, knowing that sudden load-shedding won’t impact your business.

The following are additional benefits for you:


Today, it’s not enough to claim your business favours eco-friendly initiatives. Actions speak louder than words. Thankfully, this solution contributes to environmental sustainability and transitioning to solar power can enhance your reputation among customers and stakeholders as an environmentally conscious organisation. 

Solarus allows you to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. We give you a solution that generates clean, renewable energy without producing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Boosted Efficiency,

The downside of traditional solar panels is that an alarming 80% of the sun’s heat is lost during energy conversion. But Solarus changes the game. Our solution maximises your energy savings and absorbs the majority of heat loss (20% from PV and 69% from thermal). 

Solarus’ solutions generate over 4x more energy per m2 than standard photovoltaic panels. This results in higher profitability and 4x greater CO2 reductions.

The bottom line is this: regardless of Eskom’s load-shedding schedule, your business doesn’t need to suffer. 

Greater Cost Savings

With the power of solar and thermal technology, you can unlock an unbeatable return on investment. Picture a future where your electricity bill is reduced to zero while your overall energy expenses plummet. It’s not just a dream; our 100 installations in 25 countries prove it works.  

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support and maintenance are crucial to ensure your system operates at peak performance for years. Regular inspections, meticulous cleaning, and necessary maintenance are part of a routine to prolong the lifespan of your investment. 

Should any issues or malfunctions arise, our dedicated team offers prompt troubleshooting and repair services to minimise downtime.

Seamless Installation 

By carefully analysing your location, we determine the perfect placement for the panels and calculate the ideal system size to meet your needs. 

Rest assured; our installation process is executed by experienced professionals who prioritise strict adherence to safety standards.

100% Renewable From Your Roof

Thanks to their dual energy, electricity and heat generation, Solarus’ hybrid solution will quietly convert sunlight to electricity and hot water for decades.

Experience The Best Hot Water Solution For Your Business

Let load-shedding become a worry of the past. Give your guests, patients, and staff all the hot water and electricity they need to choose your business over competitors – and, better yet, keep choosing and recommending your business. 

Solarus is a reliable partner if you’re seeking a robust and efficient renewable energy solution allowing you to claim tax rebates. With advanced technology, easy integration, and ongoing support, Solarus empowers you to overcome the challenges of load-shedding while enjoying monetary savings and playing a pivotal role in promoting an eco-friendly future.
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