Solarus Shines at Hotel and Hospitality Show: Pioneering Sustainable Energy Solutions for Load Shedding

The Solarus Hot Water Solution Team at the Hospitality Show

In May 2023, the global hospitality industry gathered for the annual Hotel and Hospitality Show, an event where industry professionals from around the world converge to share the latest innovations, build long-lasting connections, and discover solutions to elevate their businesses and better serve their customers. Among the luminaries in attendance were representatives from Solarus –…

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Load Shedding: Take Control with the Best Hot Water Solution for Businesses in South Africa

South Africa is grappling with load-shedding, which is wreaking havoc on businesses that can’t afford to pause operations for hours at a time. The urgent need for a reliable and sustainable energy solution is more urgent than ever. Lives and livelihoods are at stake.  Fortunately, the South African government has taken steps to encourage businesses…

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