How Solarus Makes Solar Energy Financially Accessible For You

When searching for solar power solutions to alleviate the pressures of load shedding on your business, budget is likely top-of-mind. You don’t always have the luxury of making a substantial monetary investment upfront. Sometimes, the only answer can be a cheaper – albeit more expensive in the long-term – solution. This lack of foresight, however, is risky. And, ultimately, costly. 

That’s why Solarus offers finance options, making solar energy affordable and accessible regardless of your industry. When you also consider how Solarus’ hot water solution delivers long-term value and savings, it’s easy to say yes. 

“We have a product that can give people back ownership of their business.” – Michael Boyce, Hot Water Specialist at Solarus. 

What Finance Solutions Does Solarus Offer?

Solarus provides flexible financing options to help you transition to solar energy – smoothly and cost-effectively. Choose between a lease-to-own plan, allowing you to eventually own the solar energy asset, or opt for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), where you can buy the energy generated without the responsibility of owning the equipment. 

Either way, you gain immediate access to sustainable energy solutions with minimal upfront costs, making it easier than ever to transition to green energy while maintaining financial stability.

The Advantages of Finance Solutions

  • No Upfront Capital Investment. No need to dig deep into your budget to get started with solar energy. Solarus allows you to enjoy the benefits without a huge initial outlay.
  • Lower Energy Rates than Eskom. With these savings, your establishment could invest in new equipment, services, or growth plans.
  • Stable Escalation Rates. Forget the volatile escalation rates from Eskom; we base ours on the more predictable Consumer Price Index (CPI). With this advantage, a healthcare facility (for example) won’t face unexpected spikes in energy costs, making budgeting easier and more reliable.
  • Asset Ownership at Agreement End. Once your PPA or lease-to-ownership agreement ends, you own the energy asset. A hotel could own a solar installation worth hundreds of thousands, adding a valuable asset to its balance sheet.
  • Bonus: Operations and Maintenance. We take care of Operations and Maintenance and replace any critical components during your PPA agreement. If an element in the solar hot water system at a gym wears out, Solarus will handle the replacement.

How to Apply for Solarus’ Finance Solutions

Applying for financial support to purchase Solarus’ solution is easier than it sounds. But remember, accurate details can speed up the process. Any hiccups in the information might cause delays, so let’s ensure all your ducks are in a row from the start.

  • After the first introduction and receipt of the required information, we will need a 48-hour credit review to understand your financial standing. This review shapes the terms of your PPA to fit your needs. 
  • After you’ve agreed to the PPA, the detailed analysis begins, which usually spans four to six weeks.

Success Story: How Solarus Cut Costs in the Hospitality Industry

A renowned hospitality and housing venue recognised the long-term value of Solarus’ solution. They embraced Solarus’ cutting-edge PVT panels to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity and hot water for everyone under their roof.

The financial implications? Astounding. Solarus’ solution harnesses 39,676 kWh of thermal energy annually, translating to gas savings equivalent to 3,717 M3. Alongside, an impressive 14,546 kWh of electricity is produced, preventing the release of a staggering 14,723 kg of CO2 emissions. 

With its newfound capability, the hospitality establishment can instantly meet 55% of its hot water needs, while the electricity generated is directly channelled to power appliances, from boilers to lights. 

The best part: Solarus’ solution will pay for itself in just five and a half years through savings.

How Solarus Supports the Hospitality Sector

The hospitality sector thrives on creating exceptional guest experiences. From the moment guests step into the foyer, every detail – right down to the temperature of their showers – shapes their perception of a hotel or resort. 

Hot water isn’t a luxury; it’s a quintessential part of the guest experience. And the costs associated with this are significant, especially when considering laundry, culinary demands, and general housekeeping.

Seize Tax Incentives with Solarus

Investing in green technology like Solarus may make your business eligible for various tax breaks and governmental grants. If you use government incentives for sustainable energy solutions, you can reduce your tax liabilities.

Increase Property Value with Solarus

Solarus’ solution adds long-term value to your property, making it a more attractive prospect for future investors – especially in the South African energy climate. Consider a hotel that decides to sell after a decade. Seeing the Solarus system in place, potential buyers can rest assured their utility bills will be lower.

How Solarus Revitalises the Healthcare Industry

In the critical realm of healthcare, the stakes are high, and the details matter. Hospitals and clinics operate around the clock, providing life-saving care and maintaining utmost hygiene. This relentless demand for hot water – for sterilisation, hygiene, patient care, and more – is not just a matter of routine but of patient safety and standard upkeep. 

Traditional methods of meeting these demands are not only energy-intensive but also expensive.

Avoid Load Shedding’s Impact with Solarus

Due to Solarus’ off-grid capabilities, your establishment won’t face the operational and financial disruptions commonly associated with load shedding. During a load-shedding episode, a hospital might have to rely on expensive diesel generators to ensure vital machinery for systems to remain operational. Over a year, these backup costs can accumulate exponentially. 

With Solarus, however, the hospital remains largely insulated from such disruptions and expenses.

How Solarus Energises Gyms and Spas

Spas and gyms have long stood as sanctuaries of rejuvenation and energy, places where patrons seek relaxation and revitalisation. However, the blend of comfort, hygiene, and luxury demands substantial hot water. 

Solarus ushers in a new era for these wellness havens with bespoke sustainable solutions.

Escape Rising Energy Prices with Solarus

By generating its own power, your establishment can protect itself against the volatility of energy prices. Imagine a gym chain that expands rapidly over five years. They’d be vulnerable to fluctuating energy prices if they rely solely on grid power. 

But with Solarus’ solution in place, they can predict and control a significant portion of their operational costs, thus enjoying financial stability in an unpredictable market.

Save the Environment with Solarus

Solarus’ solution aligns perfectly with the global shift towards sustainability. Your establishment reduces CO2 emissions – preventing up to 14,723 kg annually, as seen with a notable hospitality venue. Reducing your carbon footprint enhances your business’s organisation’s green credentials, which modern consumers greatly value.

Consequently, by adopting Solarus’ solution, you can enjoy increased customer trust and loyalty and even command premium pricing due to your eco-friendly stature.

Reap the Rewards of Solar Energy with Finance Solutions

Investing in Solarus isn’t just about opting for renewable energy; it’s about foreseeing where the industry is headed and setting up your establishment for the future. The long-term dividends in cost savings, operational efficiency, and a sustainable brand image are immeasurable. 

Solar energy is an investment, but the cost does not need to cripple your business. Contact Solarus for financial solutions.